Enchanted Moonstone Ring Lets You Speak With Your Spirit Guides

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Are your Spirit Guides trying to contact you? This Enchanted Moonstone Ring will allow you to communicate with your Spirit Guides. Connect with your Spirit Guides and they will help you make good decisions. You will be guided toward your true purpose on this planet. Spirit guides offer assistance and positive encouragement to complete your mission in life. Our Spirit Guides will often come to us in our dreams or when we meditate but you can call upon them at any time with this powerful Magick.

This 8mm Moonstone is set in a size 6.5 Sterling Silver Ring. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. A velvet charging pouch will be included.

Even before we are born we all have Spirit Guides. They can offer Protection by warning us of dangers. Have you ever met your Spirit Guides? They are one with you and are there for your accessibility throughout your entire lifetime. Your Spirit Guides will reach out to you once they know you are able to perceive them. Spirit Guides are very wise and will answer important life questions you may have. Your Spirit Guides will assist you with finding the right path in life and becoming your best self.


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