Delightful Pegasus Princess Persephone of Psychic Lucid Dream Flight

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This Dream Flight Pegasus has been with me since I was a very young man. It is a Most Powerful Lucid Dream Flight Tool! Place it near your bedside to remain completely alert while dreaming! Visit with those who have crossed over! Work through mental blocks and heal psychic wounds! Ask questions of the Universe and have them answered! Everything is possible in your dreams and this Magickal Pegasus allows you to experience all the fifth realm has to offer! Take your dreams wherever you wish! Travel back and forward in time! The Princess escorts you to Magickal Lands and introduces you to Lovely Spirits of all kinds! Wake completely refreshed and recharged with memories and experiences that are as real as any made in your waking life!

This is an Exquisite Treasure. The Brass Pegasus Statue is 7" x 6", with a 5" Wing Span. It features a Glowing Garnet Gemstone Third Eye, a Perfect Psychic Portal. I will include the Princess' Welcoming Ritual printed on parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows.

This Beautiful Statue also increases your Strength and Stamina, and enhances your Psychic Powers! This Pegasus draws Wealth, Power and Strength to its possessor! The White Magick in this statue purifies the energy in your home, banishing negative energies, and drawing Good Luck, Good Fortune and Good Will! The Magick it holds is unparalleled! Your natural psychic ability will soar! You will experience endless reserves of energy, your instincts sharpen, and your mind comes into focus like never before! Procrastination becomes a thing of the past as this Powerful Magickal begins to Motivate and Inspire you! Achieve Your Goals! Live The Dream! Fulfill Your Destiny! The Power is Yours! The next to possess it should expect to be Surrounded by Magickal Blessings! Don’t Wait! Make Princess Persephone Yours Today!

Keep Your Spirits Happy! The Princess appreciate shiny offerings, like my Peacock Pyrite Gemstones and Peaceful Home Spiritual Oil.


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