Declan, Powerful Noble Dragon Spirit of Wealth, Courage and Protection

Behold Declan, a Noble Dragon who will Protect you as he guides you to material Wealth and Riches of all kinds! Be surrounded by all you desire! Never want again! He will keep your home clear of dark energies and entities! Declan will Protect you and yours from ill will, bad luck, and people will dark hearts. Are you ready to change your life? Are you seeking more? Are you seeking financial security so you can focus on your Higher Path? This Dragon’s extraordinary Wealth Powers are unmatched and undeniable! Declan will provide all you need! Become his next companion and live a life of Prosperity and Abundance! Declan gives you the Courage to Pursue Your Dreams. He has used his Infinite Psychic Powers to lead me to Invaluable Treasures, Extraordinary Wealth, and Golden Money Making Opportunities again and again! His Money Powers will become yours making you Lucky at the casinos and at lotto! Dragons are devoted companions who will Protect you and yours from dangers of all kinds! Answer to no one! Take control of your life!
Declan is bound to a 1 1/4" Amethyst Gemstone Orb Spirit Lair. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his Powers strong and a Binding Ritual on parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows. You will feel the Dragon's Energy immediately after unwrapping the package. It may make you light headed, as much energy will have built up in the package. It will pass quickly, and is nothing to worry about.
Declan appreciates offerings of Metaphysical Crystals & Stones!
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