Cross Roads Spirit Breaks Through Psychic Spiritual Personal Blocks

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I present to you a Rare and Powerful Psychic Cross Roads Spirit! He is an Opener of The Ways. An Incredible Entity will help you Breakthrough mental, spiritual and psychic blocks and ensures you Fulfill Your Destiny! No matter what your current or future struggles, this Cross Roads Spirit will point you to easy and natural solutions that have the best results for all involved. He helps with your Focus, Motivation and Serenity while using his Strong White Magick to align your Spirit with Universal Frequencies of Success, and connect you to The Light! The Magick Pyramid Connects to your inner Powers and Talents. Its Magick is strong enough to awaken even slumbering Gifts. You will experience Paradigm Shifts and New Realities you never new were possible! Your Life will fall into place, and people will marvel at your "Good Luck"!

This Exquisitely Detailed Vintage Sterling Silver Pendant is 1 1/2" x 3/4" and hangs from a Blessed Silver Chain. You may wear this treasure, or hang it in your home to gain all of it's Magickal Advantages. This is one of my Most Precious and Powerful Possessions! You may feel dizzy or even euphoric from the enormous amount of White Energy that will have built up in the package by the time you unwrap it. This is perfectly normal and will pass within an hour or so.

Hang the Pendant near your bedside, and the Spirit will work with your subconscious and Dream Self to heal emotional damage and psychic wounds, no matter how long ago you suffered them. Our Physical Selves, as well as our Spirit Selves, hold the energies of experiences long ago forgotten. This Pendant’s Magick will help you to release old, blocked energies and experiences, making room for the Blessings that are Meant For You! I will release his name, and Welcoming Ritual with the pendnt. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Protect You and Yours! Stop being stuck! Hurry – Get it before it's gone forever!

Make sure to see my Cleansing Incense and White Energy Singing Crystals!


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