Conjuring & Channeling Psychic Spirits Speak Ring of Awesome Powers!

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 I am proud to offer an Exceptional and Rare Treasure - a Magick Spirit Channeling Ring that allows you to Summon Spirits to Your Side! Summon Friends and Loved Ones who have passed to the next plane! Use it to invite Fairies to your garden or call a Vampire to roam the night with you! It summons only Spirits of Light, who want the Very Best for You! Whatever you desire, Fame, Fortune, Power, Artistic Talents, Love…… Everything is Yours! Many of the Most Successful and Wealthy People in the World have the Power of Spirits on their side to help them achieve All They Desire – Why Not YOU?

This is a Vintage Solid Sterling Silver Ring, size 8.75. It is set with a Brilliant Blue 5 mm Sapphire Gemstone that is a Perfect Psychic and Spirit Portal! I am including a Binding Ritual on fine parchment paper and a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch.

This Beautiful Ring is an excellent tool to communicate Psychically with Spirits on the other side. Use it to ask questions and gain Wisdom, Knowledge and Insights from those that went before you. The more you wear it, the stronger your natural Instincts and Intuition become. Your own Psychic Powers will me become easier to access and soon your Sixth Sense will be as useful to you as your other five! You won’t know how you ever lived without it! 

 Make sure to stock up on Spirit Conjuring Incense and Fluorite Gemstone Spirit Offerings! 

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