Conjurer's Sacred Spirit Sphere Summons Genies Dragons Fairies & MORE!

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I am honored to present a Rare and Powerful Spirit Conjuring Sphere that Summons Mighty Spirits of All Kinds to Your Command! The Magickal Orb was passed to me by a Most Gifted and Famous Master Conjurer. It holds Ancient Spirit Summoning Magick so Powerful, men have gone mad looking for it. Treasure Hunters have spent fortunes and years seeking it! Its Powers are Legendary and there are many Powerful People who wish to possess it! Fear not, as it is Cloaked by Strong Magick so that it remains safely with its Rightful Owner! This Amazing Conjurer's Tool will conjure the Most Powerful and Enlightened Unbound Spirits to obey your commands! They will reveal Universal Secrets and Ancient Wisdom! 

This is a 33 mm Amethyst Gemstone Sphere of Undeniable Energy and Power! Even without using it to Summon Spirits, it will fill your home with White Magick Energy that draws Good Luck and Prosperity of all kinds! Included is a Velvet Charging and Cleansing Pouch, as well a Conjuring Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Conjure Mighty Marid Djinn to grant you Wealth! Roam the Night with a Vampire Queen! Dance with Fairy Princesses! Soar with Dragons! Summon a Sexy Succubus to Submit to Your Desires! Visit with Dryads and Nymphs! This Conjurer's Sacred Spirit Sphere makes you The Ultimate Spirit Master! Many believe this Treasure to be only a Myth ~ but Behold! If you have been Seeking.... If you have heard it Calling You... Rest Assured,  This is The Real Deal! 

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