Color of Money Magick Wealth Attraction Divination Pendant Pulls Prosperity






Here is a Color of Money Magick Money Drawing Pendulum! It uses the Law of Attraction pull to pull Wealth to you like a magnet! Imagine your life when Money is an Opportunity, not a problem! Receive Unexpected Cash Windfalls and Good Money Luck! The Universe does not want you to struggle! You are here to experience all the Bounty and Blessings this Life has to offer! This Talisman has the Power to Change Your Life Quickly!

This offer is for one 2" Green Onyx Divination Pendant. This Powerful Talisman is Fully Charged with Magnetic Money Magick that will never fade or fail you! It has been spelled by my Circle under Twelve Consecutive New Moons and its Powers are Very Strong. It will arrive with a blessed silver chain, and a blessed velvet charging pouch to keep its popwers strong.

 Enjoy a life without stress! Reverse Debt and Bad Money Luck Forever! Gain the Financial Freedom to Follow Your Dreams! Shower your loved ones with gifts! Travel the World in The Lap of Luxury! Donate to your favorite causes! Have Good Gambling Luck! Find Opportunities for Wealth where you least expect them! This Magick Pendulum Opens the Door to A Whole New World filled with All You Desire!