Clairvoyant Spirit Channeling Rose Quartz Crystal Ball of Psychic Energy!

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I am very pleased to offer this Psychic Channeling tool of Awesome Powers! With it you are able to connect and commune to Spirits who have crossed over. Help others, and yourself, find closure with friends and family who have left this realm. Speak to your Guardian Angels and receive advice and guidance. You should have no fears while working with this Magnificent Sacred Sphere, it only allows Spirits of Light to come through. Evil, vengeful and dark energies are kept at bay. The Rose Quartz Gemstone radiates a calming and healing energy that will fill your home with Love and Light. Your natural Instincts, Intuition and Empath powers are Awakened, and your slumbering gifts will become your Most Powerful Tools!  It connects you to a Higher Consciousness and allows you to experience the Bliss of being Connected to All Living Beings, and Mother Earth Herself! Your Mind will Experience Paradigm Shifts and new doors will open! Your Spirit will Soar! Feel the Joy that comes from being one with the Stars, and the Comfort of being one with the Moon! Open your Mind and Heart to New Experiences and come ever closer to Enlightenment!

 This is an Exquisite 3 1/4" Rose Quartz Crystal Ball. It is a true Natural Gemstone Sphere of Undeniable Psychic Energy. Photographs do not begin to do it justice. It rests on a vintage, beautiful brass stand and set with three Gemstone Energy Portals of  Pink Jade, Moonstone and Garnet. It is simply stunning, and you will be proud to display it in your home!

This Crystal Ball is also an exceptional metaphysical tool for communicating with Spirits of all kinds be they Angels, Fairies, Genies, Dragons, or Creatures of the Night! Use it to let all Magickal Beings know you are a friend and that it is safe to reveal themselves to you. Experience the same thing with any Beings, Energies, and Spirits that may already be surrounding you!   

To further expand your Psychic Powers, I recommend my Third Eye Oil, and Psychic Master Eternity Oil.

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