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Choose 3 Anointing Oils, Mix and Match, Customize Your Magick, 27 Kinds

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I am proud to offer the Finest Anointing Oils available! Each is carefully crafted in small batches with Organic Almond Oil and Special Unique Blends of Secret Ingredients of Essential Oils, Herbs and Botanicals, then enhanced with combinations of Crystals, Herbs, and/or Alchemical ingredients. Mix and match the oils to create your own Personalized Magick!
Anointing Oils are Excellent for Enhancing the Powers and Energies of your Spell Work, Rituals, Seances, Ceremonies, Prayers, Meditations and Visions. Wonderful when making Offerings. Exceptional for Conjuring and Invoking Spirits and Magical Creatures! I use these oils in a variety of ways. A little goes a long way, so just a drop will do. Anointing the third eye is excellent. I anoint spirit vessels and offerings if they are stone. I also anoint candles, crystals, lucky talismans, and small pieces of cloth I carry with me. Another favorite way I use them is to anoint a piece of paper that I am using to do spell work, for my book of shadows, and even journaling and letters. Heat them in a warmer to fill your home with their wonderful scents! There is a limited availability each month so be sure to get yours before they’re gone!
Mix and Match Any 3 Anointing Oils!
Third Eye Anointing Oil
Awakens your Natural Talents and Psychic Gifts and Magnifies them Exponentially! It Clears Psychic Blocks and Blows Your Third Eye and Sixth Sense Wide Open! Know things without knowing why! Read Hearts and Minds! See the Past! Know the Future! Be in the Right Place at the Right Time! Excellent for beginners as well as the most adept!
Youth & Beauty Anointing Oil
Strong Magic that draws on the Powers of The Fountain of Youth to turn back the clock! Your Mind and Spirit will fill with Energy, Joy, and Light! You will be Sexier and Full of a Zest for Life! Your Inner Beauty will Radiate outward for all to see! Be Irresistible! Look and Feel Years Younger!
Wealth & Power Anointing Oil
Extraordinary Ancient Magic that gives you all you need to Conquer Your Domain! Surround yourself with Riches, Luxury and an Abundance of Wealth! Be Successful in All Endeavors! Command Respect from all who know you! Command Respect! Rule Your Realm!
Cleansing Anointing Oil
This Powerful White Magic Rids your Body, Mind, and Soul of negative energy. It Releases you from unnecessary guilts, regrets and worries. It Purifies Sacred Spaces, and dissipates all negative energy. Fills your home with White Magic and Bright Blessings! Reverses bad karma! Sends evil entities and spirits away for ever. Excellent for Prayer and Meditation. Its Powerful Magic clears the path to your Blessings!
Fairy Calling Anointing Oil
Powerful Magic lets all Friendly Fairies know you are White-Lighted being and that is safe to reveal themselves. It summons Fairies to you, as well as Good Luck and Bright Blessings! Excellent for making Offerings or giving Thanks to your Fairies. Opens doors for easier communication with Fairies and other Magical Creatures of Light. Makes your Fairies More Powerful!
Genie Conjuring Anointing Oil
This Powerful Magic Magnifies your own Conjuring Powers. It is Excellent for making Offerings or giving Thanks to your Djinn. It helps with Spirit Communication, and makes your own Genies More Powerful Than Ever Before! Summon Spirits and state your desires…. Your Wish is Their Command!
Good Money Karma Anointing Oil
This Powerful Good Money Karma Magic is used to Increase Financial Wealth! It Draws Good Money Luck!Improves Gambling Luck! Promotes Financial Windfalls! Erases Debt! Draws Cash! Divines Wealth and Wealth Making Opportunities! It increases the Potency of Spells for Wealth, Abundance, Prosperity, Financial Freedom, Gambling, Good Money Luck and Employment! Why do others seem to "Have it All" while you struggle? Many of the world’s most Wealthy and Successful people used Magic to achieve what they have. What’s stopping you? Live the Life you've always known you were meant for!
Love & Passion Anointing Oil
This Powerful Love and Passion Magick will kick your Love Life into High Gear! If you are looking for New Love, it will Draw Your Soul Mate! If you are in a relationship, it will Fan the Flames of Your Passion! It Strengthens Devotion and Fidelity! It heals broken hearts and lets you Fall In Love Again!
Protection Anointing Oil
Powerful Protection against Hexes, Dark Magic, Evil Entities, Negative Energies and anyone who does not have your best intentions in their heart! Cloaks your physical body from Evil Spirits while you are in deep meditation, prayer, or visiting another Astral Plane! Its Powerful Magic Reverses any Curses or Dark Magic you may already be under! It Banishes all Evil and Dark Energies in your home and physical body! This Powerful Magic is used for Protection, Safe Journeys, Casting off Negativity, Casting out Spirits, Protecting and Growing your Wealth, Purification and Healing the Heart. Keep Safe! Protect You and Yours Today!
Magnet Anointing Oil 
Pulls All Good Things to You with this Powerful Magnet Oil! Wealth! Love! Blessings! Success! This Magnificent Magick Oil Draws them to you like a Magnet!
Dragon's Blood Anointing Oil
Excellent for protection and empowerment and is especially helpful for defense on the astral plane. It can be used in offense as well as defense. Can be used in love magick. Dragon's Blood amplifies the passion and its Mars association increases the power.
Devata Anointing Oil
Surround yourself with the Loving Blessings of Devatas! Draw them to you and be Protected and Guided by these Gentle and Devoted Spirits of Light!
Fast Luck Anointing Oil
A favorite of Gamblers and those who play Games of Chance! Draws Good Money Luck and Reverses Debt. Excellent for Wealth and Prosperity Spells and Rituals.
Love Drawing Anointing Oil
A Powerful Blend that Draws Your True Love to You! It fends off those who do not have your best interest in heart, and draws your Soul Mate. The one who will lift you up and Love the Very Essence of You!
Angel Anointing Oil
This wonderful oil Draws Your Personal Angels, surrounding you with Love and Light! Anoint yourself before bedtime and talk to your Guardian Angels in your dreams!
Healing Anointing Oil
Heals the Spirit and Soothes the Soul! Excellent for Psychic Healing as well as Health and Wellness spell work and rituals! 
Peaceful Home Anointing Oil
Bring Balance, Peace and Harmony to your Household! Eases tensions and stress for all you welcome there. Excellent for friction with family, spirits, and friends. It emits a very soothing energy!
Instant Karma Anointing Oil
Powerful Oil Makes Things Right! Rewards your friends and sends ill will and suffering back to their point of origin! Excellent for Cleansing, Breakthrough and Healing Spell Work and Rituals.
Vampire Protection Anointing Oil
Use the Power of The Vampire to keep danger at bay! This Magick Oil allows you to walk safely with the undead and returned unharmed! Excellent when used in conjunction with Spirit  Conjuring, Channeling, and Astral Travel Spell Work and Rituals.
Ohm Meditation Anointing Oil
This wonderful Oil aligns your Body, Mind and Spirit! Bring Calm to your Spirit and Quiet your Mind. Breathe Deep and Connect to the White Magick Energy that is constantly swirling around and through you. You ARE part of the Oneness! Excellent for use with Breakthrough and Cleansing Spell Work and Rituals.
Hex Breaker Anointing Oil
Break Free of Hexes, Curses, Dark Magick and Evil! No matter what you may be suffering under, this Powerful Magick Oil will Set Your Spirit Free! Excellent to use in Protection and Good Luck Spell Work and Rituals.
Prosperity Anointing Oil
Powerful Prosperity Oil draws Anointing as well as Financial Wealth! Find Balance in your life with an Abundance of Bright Blessings! Wonderful for Wealth, Love, and Good Luck Spell Work and Rituals.
Holy Altar Anointing Oil
The Perfect Oil to Consecrate your Altar and the Possessions you place there. Powerful Cleansing and Healing Energy is excellent for anointing your Magickal and Metaphysical Treasures! Greatly enhances Cleansing and Purification Spell Work and Rituals.
Fast Luck Anointing Oil
A favorite of Gamblers and those who play Games of Chance! Draws Good Money Luck and Reverses Debt. Excellent for Wealth and Prosperity Spells and Rituals.
Money Drawing Anointing Oil
Powerful Oil with Ancient Magick that Draws Prosperity to you from all corners of the world! Ensures you are in the Right Place at the Right Time to receive all of the Financial Blessings you Desire and Deserve! You are not here to struggle! Use this Magick Oil to take Complete Control of Your Life!
Phoenix Rising Anointing Oil
Gives you the Strength and Courage to Rise from the Ashes stronger and better than ever like the Mighty Phoenix! Success for all New Beginnings! Wonderful for Wealth and Business Spell Work and Rituals.
Fiery Wall of Protection Anointing Oil
Total Protection from those who would do Psychic or Anointing harm! Ensures you are safe from all Psychic and Anointing attacks. Evil has no chance! Excellent for all Protection Spell Work and Rituals.
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