Berkano Rune Pendant for Renewal, Mental and Personal Growth

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The Berkano Rune is the Birch Goddess Rune. It represents Rebirth, Regeneration and Motherhood. It symbolizes Mental, Physical and Personal Growth. It is the Rune of Becoming. It is an excellent tool to use when trying to meditate or settle your mind as it helps you to Be Present and In The Moment.  It is a life giving Rune, so is best used to assist life, to heal and to protect. It will enhance efforts to give oneself, and others, the time and space they need to grow on their own

 This Solid Sterling Silver Rune Talisman is and 3/4" in diameter. The chain is shown for example only. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch as well as a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper!

 This wonderful treasure helps to silence the negative tapes that replay in your head, keeping you stuck. Let the Berkano Rune Magick help you to be kind, gentle and understand to others - and yourself! It radiates a Healing, Calming and Accepting Energy that allows you to Find Peace within yourself. Once you are True to Yourself, you can better help Others. This Powerful Pendant allows you to channel your Best Self and Move Forward Quickly to Manifest Your Very Best Life!

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