Benevolent Wish Granting Fairy Godmother and Guiding Spirit

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This Fairy Godmother Spirit protects and loves the soul. She will watch over you and let you know if anyone has bad intentions or wants to hurt you. Your Fairy Godmother will help you on your journey toward Enlightenment. She will grant any wish you ask of her. This is an opportunity to fulfill your every desire. Make your dreams come true and change your life today with this Spirit of White Light that will have your best intentions at heart and will always guide you in the right direction.

She is bound to an 12 mm Rose Quartz Gemstone set in sterling silver. Your Fairy Godmother will arrive with a welcoming ritual on parchment paper. A blessed sterling silver chain and velvet charging pouch will be included.

She is a generous and benevolent Fairy Godmother that will make an excellent companion whether you are just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or have already stepped into the Light! She is not shy and manifests in ethereal and physical forms that are easily recognizable to her mortal! There is no need to summon or conjure her for she is always by your side, your Fairy Godmother and Guiding Spirit! Her only desire is to see you fulfill your True Destiny! I will release her name and welcoming ritual to her next mortal companion only! Don't wait another day to live the life you deserve!


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