Beautiful Powerful Fallen Angel of Wealth Protection and Immortality

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I am most honored to present to you a Beautiful and Powerful Fallen Angel with Extraordinary Powers of Wealth, Protection, Passion and Immortality! All who see you will immediately recognize and Respect your Powers! This Spirit  possesses extraordinary Powers of Persuasion! You will be able to convince Mortals, the Undead, and even the most powerful Spirits to Do Your Bidding! This Fallen Angel's Psychic Powers are Unmatched! She will reveal the Future and make sure you are in the right place at the right time to take full advantage of every opportunity! You will be launched into a world filled with Wealth, Luxury, and Opportunity! Your own Psychic Powers will skyrocket and you will be able to read the hearts and minds of all you encounter! You will have advantage and foresight in every move you make! You will ooze Sex Appeal and have your pick of Conquests! All who see you will be drawn to your Power and Charms!

This Stunning Creature is bound to a 7 x 9 mm Opal Gemstone set in a size 6 Solid Silver Ring. I am also including a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and her Welcoming Ritual on parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows!

Read the minds of Lovers and Enemies! This Fallen Angel gifts her Mortal Companion with all of her Extraordinary Powers! You will strike fear into the heart of your enemies! Those who wish you ill will suffer the effects themselves. Walk on the Dark Side and mingle with the Undead! With this Fallen Angel, nothing can harm you! Extraordinary Riches! Immortality! All you need to Conquer your Domain and Rule Your Realm is at your fingertips! There is no Spirit more Powerful! All who see you will Desire you! All You Wish For Is Yours! Communicate with Spirits! Command Mortals! Live the Life You Desire! The Life You DESERVE! Don't Wait! Claim her today and Live the Fantasy tomorrow!


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