Athame of Elk Horn, Brass and Steel Ancient Rune Magick Ritual Tool

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Here is a Magnificent Athame from my Private Collection! Athames are an extension of the users Self. This includes will, spirit, thought, emotion and manifestation as well. This one is an Elk Horn with a solid Brass Hilt, and Steel Blade. The horn is engraved with Algiz, the Elk Rune. Algiz brings forward the Powers of Protection and acts as the Ultimate Shield, warding off all evil! It deepens your connection with the Gods, and awakens your slumbering gifts, speeding your path to Enlightenment! This Awesome Athame can be used to channel energies appropriately. It heightens your instincts, and ensures you hold all Success you win and earn! An Athame is a must have for serious practitioners.

 The blade on this Athame is 4 1/4”. With the Elk Horn handle it measures 8 1/2”. There is a polished hole in the horn so it may be hung on a lanyard or leather cord. This is a Legacy Treasure, passed from Brother to Brother. It has sat upon my High Altar since I was a very young man and has been used to Cast Thousands of Circles, growing more powerful with each one!

 Athames represent the Element of Fire and when used to Cast Your Circle you are safe in a ring of Etheric Fire. Use your Athame to Invoke the Elemental Guardians of the Four Directions (Calling the Quarters) by drawing elemental pentagrams at each quarter. to be a tool of center, of self, of evocation and banishing. The Athame, is the tool wielded of one’s own will, thoughts, emotions and intuition over all of the Elements. We use it to command the spirits that we evoke, invoke and banish. The moment one strikes a relationship with the blade is the beginning of its consecration. The concept of consecration is to embed the focus of the tool’s purpose in one’s own mind and in the very metal of the blade. Cleansing and clearing is the symbolic refinement of the blade. Charging is the energy from within the self, projected through the blade and outward in the direction of one’s intent. Binding makes the blade truly one’s own and extension of self in the center of the Universe. I will include a Binding Ritual with this Athame.

 Don't miss this Rare Opportunity to possess a Treasure of this Quality, Power and Provenance! Make it Yours Today!

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