Astral Projection Ring, Access The Akashic Records, Visit Other Worlds

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Do you want to travel through space and time? With this enchanted ring you will have out of body experiences. Fly through the Astral Plane and visit exotic places around the universe. Go beyond this reality into other dimensions if you so choose. Or perhaps you’d rather take a trip to another time period and meet your ancestors. The possibilities are endless. Wear this ring or keep it on your person and practice deep relaxation or mediation techniques for Astral Projection to occur.

This Mystical 9 x 11 mm Labradorite Gemstone set in a sterling silver size 6.5 ring. It will arrive with a binding ritual on parchment paper. A velvet charging pouch will be included.

Astral Projection is the conscious act of your spirit leaving your physical body. It is a beautiful experience. There are many benefits to Astral Travel. Become the greatest possible version of yourself as you realize your true power. Soon you will be able to access The Akashic Records. It's important to be in a quiet and peaceful environment to have an out of body experience. I find it helpful to be in nature however this isn’t necessary. The more you practice the deeper you will be able to journey into the Astral Realm.


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