Amara, Beautiful Young Dryad Spirit, Connect With Mother Nature

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Amara is a beautiful Dryad that will help you connect with Mother Nature. She is a protector of the forest. This mystical tree nymph is very captivating. She can take the shape of a beautiful young woman whose hair changes color with the seasons. Amara will use her magickal powers to help you succeed in life. She has the power to speak to animals. This alluring Spirit is loyal and protective of her master. She will make a great companion to anyone who shares her love of nature.

 This 10 x 13 mm Azurite Malachite Gemstone Pendant hangs from a blessed sterling silver chain. It will arrive with a welcoming ritual on parchment paper. A velvet charging pouch will be included.

This young Dryad will introduce you to hidden beauty, secret worlds and all her Spirit friends. Dryads are powerful psychic Tree Spirits who will share their insights with you. In thanks for your hospitality, Amara will use her powerful Spirit Magick to surround you with life's brightest blessings! She will provide protection against bad luck, ill will, debt, curses and lies. Amara is a very social Spirit and I often hear her laughing with Fairies and Sprites late into the night. Your garden and house plants will thrive with a Dryad in your home. She will shoo away negative energies, clearing your True Path so you may travel it with joy, experiencing all the abundant blessings this life has to offer! She is excited to meet her new mortal!


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