All Mighty Genie Grants You 9 Wishes! Wish Carefully, They WILL Come True!


Behold one of The Powerful Marid Genies of All Time! This All Mighty Marid is Much Too Powerful to be bound forever to a vessel and roams the world freely as is his pleasing. Become his next Master and he will Grant You Nine Wishes before he is free to roam again! This Magnificent Spirit has reached the Highest Level of Enlightenment! He holds Supreme Wealth Powers and has granted past Masters Extraordinary Riches, Abundance and Prosperity! He has built Kingdoms and created Dynasties! He has granted Fame and Fortune and more than a few of his past Masters are still easily recognized today! He will Completely Focus his Exceptional Powers on you and will stop at nothing to Manifest All You Desire! This Powerful Djinn will never twist your words or try to trick you, but will Manifest Your Truest Desires! Wish Thoughtfully and Carefully, for they Will Come True!

The Genie's Spirit Sphere is a 1 1/4" Amethyst Gemstone of Awesome Energy! Included is a blessed Charging Pouch and the Genie's Conjuring Instructions on fine parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows.  

Marid Djinn are the Most Powerful and Enlightened of all the Genie Tribes. They are Loyal, True and Devoted. They will never try to trick you or twist your words. They Manifest Your Truest Desires with the Best Possible Outcome for All Involved! They can be playful, wickedly funny, and are some of my favorite companions! They are up for adventure and travel. They are used to Living in the Lap of Luxury, and quickly make sure their Mortal Companions are surrounded with the finest things this world has to offer! Marid Genies take great pride in how happy and well cared for their Mortal Companions are and will stop at nothing to make your Dreams Come True! Marid are also highly protective and you and yours, keeping you safe from all evil!

Some of his favorite Offerings and Gifts are Genie Calling Oil and Wealth & Power Incense. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit.


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