Your Own Fairy Godmother! Healing Spirit of White Magick Blessings!

Here is a Rare Opportunity to Claim Your Own Fairy Godmother!  A creature of Exquisite Beauty and Tremendous Powers, there is no wish she cannot grant! Welcome this Glorious Spirit into your life and she immediately begins clearing your life of all dark energies, stress and worry! She showers your path with Good Luck, Opportunities and Blessings of all kinds! She is constantly working to draw Good Fortune and Abundance to her Mortal Charge! Her Powers are Limitless and all wishes are Manifested for the Very Best for all involved! With this Very Special Fairy Godmother you will experience a True Awakening! You will be amazed by your own Hidden Talents and Untapped Powers that begin to come forward almost immediately! You will see your life fall into a Harmonious Balance with the Universe!

The Fairy Godmother's Sacred Spirit Sphere is a 1/2" Rose Quartz Quartz Gemstone Gemstone that Radiates Luminous Light! Carry her Magick Orb and take her Blessings and Protection wherever you go! Place it on your Altar or other special place in your home, and she Blesses all you welcome there! Keep her near your bedside for Healing and Joy Filled Dreams!

This Generous and Benevolent Fairy Godmother makes an Excellent Companion whether you are just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or have already stepped into the Light! She is not shy and Manifests in ethereal and physical forms that are easily recognizable to her Mortal! There is no need to summon or conjure her for she is always by your side, your Fairy Godmother and Guiding Spirit! Her only desire is to see you fulfill your True Destiny! I will release her name and a Welcoming Ritual to her next Mortal Companion only! Don't wait another day to Live the Life You Deserve! Buy Now!

Make her feel welcome with offerings of Fairy Calling Spiritual Oil and Pretty Stones like Peacock Pyrite!


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