Universal Connection Pendant Offers Life-Changing Spiritual Healing

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This pendant carries the Vibration of Cosmic Light and offers Spiritual Healing for the whole of Humanity. Prepare to go on multidimensional journeys that will change your life forever. Helping you to See the Unseen, intuitively read symbols and synchronicities, and opening you to spiritual gifts. This pendant is powerfully attuned to the cycles and phases of the moon. It enables you to be in the spiritual and physical world at the same time with no duality or conflict. You will have complete clarity of awareness.

The translucent 4 x 7 mm Amethyst Gemstone adorns the top of this sterling silver pendant while the 12 x 17 mm Blue Goldstone sparkles brightly underneath. A blessed sterling silver chain will be included along with a velvet charging pouch and a binding ritual on parchment paper.

Be the next to own this Magick Pendant and prepare for your life to change quickly! You will be amazed at how strong your personal power and courage are when all your learned fears and doubts have fallen away! You will wake up excited for the new day! Obstacles are replaced by opportunities! You will be inspired creatively! You will come into Harmonious Alignment with the Universe’s Purest White Energy and connect to other White-Lighted Souls! You will find yourself filled with Spiritual Riches and surrounded by material wealth! This Powerful Pendant opens new doors of communication with people, animals, Spirits, and Magickal Creatures of White Light! Step into the life you always knew you were meant to live!


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