Turn Back the Clock! Youth Beauty Desire & Passion Spell Earrings!

These Extraordinary Magick Earrings were enchanted with a powerful Master Spell using water from Fountain of Youth that was collected more than a century ago! This Powerful White Magick reverses the aging process of the mind and spirit! The Earrings are spelled specifically to radiate your positive energy outward making you look more beautiful to everyone who sees you! The Stones are Fully Charged with a Magnetic Energy that pulls and binds your True Love to you! Your lover will be overwhelmed with Burning Desire for you and your touch! The Magick in these Earrings will ignite your own Erotic Passion allowing you to Experience Ecstasy Beyond Your Wildest Fantasies!

These are Solid Sterling Silver Earrings. Each is set with 5 mm and a 9 x 11 mm Carnelian Gemstones of never ending Depth and Color! You may feel flushed or warm when you begin to wear them - that is perfectly normal and will become less noticeable over time.

Look Good, Feel Good, Be Loved and Be Wealthy! These Magick Spelled Earrings provide you with all you need to live a Happy and Fulfilling life! Your Passion for life will Soar, and the Burning Desire between you and your partner will never fade! Feel Younger, more Beautiful, and Sexier immediately upon wearing them! Not recommended for the weak of heart!

Make sure to pick up a bottle of Youth & Beauty Oil!

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