Thor's Hammer! Legacy Pendant of Power Protection Respect & Success!

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 Here is Magnificent and Rare Metaphysical Tool! Whomever possesses it commands Respect! It is a Legacy Treasure that has been passed in an unbroken chain since The Beginning. This Thor's Hammer ensures you are Well Protected from evil, bad luck and the dark arts. It ensures Astonishing Success for all current and new endeavors. This Extraordinary Talisman has absorbed the Energies and Knowledge of each Light Worker to have possessed it before you. It carries our Secrets and Opens Doors to New Realities and Understandings. It is an Excellent Tool whether you are just beginning your Path to Enlightenment, or you are the Most Knowledgeable of Practitioners. Wear it, or place it in your home and make the Power of Thor YOURS!

This is a heavy hand cast solid Sterling Silver Thor's Hammer pendant set with a Magick Goldstone Energy Portal. It is older than even I know, but has been well treasured and is in excellent condition. It measures 1 3/8" and hangs from a Blessed Silver Chain I advise being seated when unwrapping it as the energy built up in its package will be strong.

 Sleep or Meditate with this Pendant on or near you, and connect to each who has come before you. Learn to understand the Language of The Universe. Communicate with All of Creation and The Gods themselves! Experience Paradigm Shifts that Open New Doors of Perception! This is a one of a kind Treasure. I will never offer another like it!

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