Spirit Catcher Orb Summons Powerful White Magick Entities to Your Side!

Behold an Extraordinarily Powerful Talisman that is sought by many! It is a Spirit Catcher Orb that holds Thousands of Mighty White Magick Entities of Unsurpassed Powers and Energies! It is an Ancient Gemstone Sphere that is older than even I know. It has been passed from Brother to Brother for many decades, and I have used it to conjure spirits to my side many times. Possess it and you have the power to Summon Genies, Vampires, Dragons, and other Powerful Spirits to your side! Its Energy is Extraordinary! Its Powers are Legendary and there are many who seek to possess it! Fear not, as it is Cloaked by Strong Magick so that it remains safely with its Rightful Owner! This Amazing Orb will conjure the Most Powerful and Eldest Spirits to obey your commands! They will reveal Universal Secrets and you will see the Past and Future clearly!

This is a 7/8" Purple Jade Gemstone Spirit Sphere held in a 1" x 1 1/2" Vintage Sterling Silver Pendant that hangs from a Silver Chain. Included is a Blessed Velvet Cleansing and Charging Pouch, along with the Spirit Conjuring Ritual printed on fine parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows.

This Magnificent, one of a kind treasure is truly one of my favorites. I find it allows me to speak easily to even the most stoic spirits. I hang it near my bedside when I wish commune with spirits of all kinds in my dreams. Summon Genie Kings to grant you Wealth and Riches! Invoke Dragons for Protection, Adventures and Travels! Travel to the Underworld safely with Vampires! Khodams and Devatas will watch over and guide you to your Highest Path! Let these Enlightened Beings of White Light surround you with all the Gifts this Bountiful Universe has to offer! Your Mind will Open to new possibilities and realities! Easy and natural solutions to your most difficult problems will reveal themselves to you! With this Magick Orb, the Stars Align themselves for you! Your new life will be full of Prosperity, Abundance, Wisdom, Serenity and Peace! It is sure to become one of Your Most Powerful and Treasured possessions! Instructions Included! Is it calling you? Don't let it slip away!

Make sure to see my Third Eye Oil, and Spirit Conjuring Incense!

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