Samson, Romantic Vampire Spirit of Passion & Charm! Sex Magick!

Romantic Vampire of Wealth & Riches


I am pleased to intoduce Samson, a Romantic Vampire Spirit of Extraordiary Charm and Sex Appeal! He is Young Vampire with a thirst for Adventure and Excitement! Become his Mortal Companion, and his Charms and Powers become Yours! Seduce anyone you desire! Heighten your Instincts and Intuition! Draw Lovers like Bees to Honey! Take Your Pick on one or many! Walk Safely with Samson, and Be Welcomed by Spirits of The Night! Live a Life of Luxury surrounded by Laughter. Enjoy Adventure after Adventure! Join the Revelry! Live the Fantasy!

Samson is bound to a 7/8" Obsidian Gemstone Sphere. He comes with his Binding Ritual and a Velvet Charging Pouch.

Vampires are extraordinary Spirits of The Night with Unstoppable Powers of Wealth and Sex! Welcome a Vampire into your life, all who see you will be Dazzled! All You Wish for Will Be Yours! Their Magnetic Personalities pull people to you like moths to a flame! Their Charisma and Sex Appeal transfer to you and no one will be able to deny you anything you desire! These Gallant and Noble Spirits have spent Centuries surrounded by Unsurpassed Wealth and Luxury! They will not rest until their new Mortal Companion is surrounded by the same! Be prepared for your Life to Change Quickly! Vampires are True and Loyal Companions who will Never Let You Down! They protect their Mortal Companion from evil of all kinds. You will be safe from ill will, gossip, bad luck, and black magick. With a Vampire by your side, you will be welcomed to Walk Among the Creatures of The Night, sharing in their revelry, and taking what you will! The Time is Now! Live The Fantasy!


Make him Yours! Hurry before he's gone forever!



Samson appreciates offerings of Royal Wealth & Power Oil and Psychic Power Amethyst Gemstones and will reward you well for them!  


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