Psychic Third Eye Brass Horse Altar Statue MagickFamiliar Spirit!

Connect to Spirits of Light

This is an Amazing Magick Altar Statue fully charged with Telepathic Powers that open doors of communication with Pets, Magical Creatures and all of Mother Nature’s Creations! It lets all Magical Beings, Animals and White-Lighted Spirits know you are a Kindred Soul who will not give their secrets away! Your relationship with animals will deepen and you will know what they are thinking and feeling! You will become part of The Oneness! Experience what it is to be one with the Forests, the Rivers and the Oceans! Commune with the Tree Nymphs and Unicorns! Connect completely with your Spirit Guides and Personal Angels! I have spelled this Statue to draw Abundance, Prosperity and Peace to all who live in your home! This Amazing Brass Horse radiates a Cleansing Energy that Purifies your Spirit and your surroundings!

This is a Very Powerful Altar Statue! It is Solid Brass, 6 3/4” x 5 3/4”. This magnificent horse features a Glistening Goldstone Third Eye that nearly vibrates with its extraordinary White Magick! The Magick Stone is Fully Charged with Clairvoyant Energy which you will feel the moment you unwrap this Statue! It also holds my Most Powerful Protection Spell so that it will repel negative energies! It invites only those that wish only the very best for you!

This Magick Horse connects you to a Higher Consciousness! You will experience the Bliss of being Connected to All Living Beings, and Mother Earth Herself! Feel the Joy that comes from being one with the Stars, and the Comfort of being connected to the Moon! Open your Mind and Heart to New Experiences and come ever closer to Enlightenment! It is also exceptionally helpful for Lucid Dreaming and Dream Recall! Don’t Wait! Buy Today and Experience White Lighted Magic and Life’s Brightest Blessings Forever!


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