Psychic Powers Pendant Blows Your Third Eye Wide Open! Strong Visions!

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I am pleased to offer a Psychic Ring Pendant Charged with Incredible Powers of Perception! Read Hearts, Minds and Auras! See deep into the Past and far into the Future! This Magick Psychic Pendant awakens your slumbering Gifts of Intuition and Instinct! Know things without knowing why you know them! Excellent for Past Life Work! Experience Powerful Visions that prove true again and again! Blows your Third Eye and Sixth Sense Wide Open!

 This is a 3/4" Sterling Silver Pendant and Amethyst Gemstone Pendant that hangs from a Blessed Sterling Chain. I am including a free Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment.

Wear this exquisite treasure, or hang in near your bedside while you sleep, to speed the expansion of your subconscious! Keep it on your Altar or other special place in your home and it will pull Blessings to all who live there! If you have been Searching..... Here is The Answer! It is time to cast aside doubts, regrets and fears! It is time to Step Into The Light! Live the life you've always known you were Meant For! Don't Wait! Gain the Knowledge You Need to Pull Your Blessings to You!

Buy Today! You'll be so glad you did!

Make sure to check out my Psychic Master Oil and Psychic Powers Spell Kit!

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