Psychic Pendant Blows Your Third Eye Wide Open! Merlin's Magick!

Psychic Pendant Blows Your Third Eye Wide Open!
Behold a Spectacular Psychic Third Eye Amulet that was crafted and spelled by a gifted Alchemist, especially for the Secret Sect of The Illuminati! Created to allow its bearer to see Far into the Future and deep into the Past! The Templar Knights used it to tell the Fortunes of Friends and Foes! They believed it helped them read the Truth in Men’s Souls! I have used this This Illuminati Third Eye Amulet to help prepare for dangers ahead! It has revealed Paradigm Shifts, Original Ideas and Easy Solutions to me again and again. It has also shown me Golden Opportunities for Wealth, Adventure and Romance so I could ensure I was in the Right Place at the Right Time to benefit from its Blessings again and again! 
This is a Sacred Merlin Amulet pass from Brother to Brother for Generations! This Exceptionally Rare and Powerful Amulet is Solid Sterling Silver and 3/4". The chain is shown for example only. If you feel dizzy or light headed when you first unwrap it, wrap it back up and spend a few minutes more in its presence each day. 
It is truly an Honor to be able to offer this Exceptional Psychic Third Eye Amulet! It has been a truly Life Changing piece for me! Make it yours and be ahead of the pack, leading the way! I highly recommend it to anyone just exploring their Sixth Sense, as well as those who are Master Practitioners!
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