Psychic Green Genie of Unlimited Wealth & Money Powers! Spirit Ring!

Psychic Green Djinniya

I am honored to be able to offer a Glorious Djinniya! She is an Exquisite Green Genie of Tremendous Wealth Powers who is well known to Genie hunters the world over! The stories of her Infinite Powers are Legendary, and I assure you that all of the stories are true! Many seek her to gain Riches Beyond Compare, but she will go with only one! This enchanting Genie hails from an Ancient and Royal Tribe. She is a Psychic of Unsurpassed Powers who studied the most Sacred and Holy Djinn Traditions in Ancient Tombs. She has Knowledge and Powers known only to Genies who have reached Full Enlightenment! She will share her Secrets and Gifts with her True Master Only!

 The Djinniya’s Ring is Solid Sterling Silver and size 7.5. Her Sacred Vessel is a 9 x 12 mm Gorgeous Green Onyx Gemstone of Endless Depth and Color! You will feel her Energy immediately! Her Magick is Unparalleled! Wear her ring on a finger, chain, or keep it near your bedside to gain all of her Magickal Advantages! I will release her name, and conjuring instructions to her next mortal Companion only!

This Psychic Djinniya has the power to grant all you desire and enhance your abilities to communicate with creatures of all kinds! She is very protective of her Master and your Loved Ones. She is astoundingly Beautiful and a master Shape Shifter! She has appeared to me in many human, spirit and animal forms. This Genie has the power to bend time and space and has transported me to safety, saving me from certain death! She has granted me Riches and Treasures! She has kept me company on long, lonely journeys, and tamed dangerous wild beasts in front of my eyes! This Djinniya will never fail you! Wealth! Power! Success! She has granted them all many times! Her Telepathic Gifts are so Powerful that you do not even have to conjure her to communicate with Animals, Fairies, Genies, Angels, and other White-Lighted Spirits! You will see new worlds all around you! Don't Wait! Make her yours today, before she's gone forever!



Some of her favorite Offerings and Gifts are Golden Citrine Gemstones and Genie Calling Spiritual OilI am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit.


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