Powerful Wishing Fairy of Abundant Blessings! Wealth Love & Protection!

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I am honored to be able to offer a Delightful Spirit, a Rare and Powerful Wishing Fairy! She is an Enchanting Psychic Fairy of Tremendous Powers of Abundant Blessings! This Enlightened Spirit of White Magick has the power to grant all you desire and enhance your abilities to communicate with creatures of all kinds! She is very protective of her Keeper and your Loved Ones. She is astoundingly Beautiful and a master Shape Shifter! She has appeared to me in many human, spirit and animal forms. She has granted me Riches and Treasures! Wealth! Power! Success! She has manifested them all many times! Her Telepathic Gifts are so Powerful that you will be able to communicate with Animals, Fairies, Genies, Angels, and other White-Lighted Spirits! You will see new worlds all around you!

The Fairy is bound to a Lovely 7/8" Rose Quartz Gemstone Spirit Sphere held in a 1" Sterling Silver Locket that hangs from a Blessed Silver Chain.. I will include a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep her Powers Strong, as well as her Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Fairies are Delightful Spirits that draw Good Luck and Bright Blessings. They offer Powerful Protection against bad luck, ill will, debt, curses and lies! They are social creatures, and I often hear them laughing late into the night. These Sweet Spirits will shoo away negative energies clearing your True Path so you may travel it with joy, experiencing all the Abundant Blessings this life has to offer you! They are favorites of Children and Pets, even your house plants will benefit from their presence. They radiate White Light and White Magick and you will be surprised how often you find yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time. Your friends won't believe how Lucky you've suddenly become! 

 Make Sure to stock up on Fairy Calling Spiritual OilI am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit. 


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