Phoenix Spirit of Wisdom, Respect & Success for All New Beginnings!

Behold an Enlightened One! This is a Mighty Phoenix Spirit of Wisdom, Respect and Success! He has been reborn hundreds of times, becoming Wiser and More Enlightened with each lifetime! This Noble Companion will help you Rise from the ashes and Ensure Success for All New Beginnings! He offers Inspiration, Motivation and the Courage to Manifest All You Desire! His Powerful Magick reverses negative self-talk and destructive behaviors, allowing your Highest Self to come forward and THRIVE! He opens your Third Eye and Heightens Your Natural Gifts and Talents. He Aligns Your Energies with the Universal Frequencies of Bounty and Abundance so that you never want again.  This Phoenix is extremely intelligent, and a Seeker of Knowledge! He spends much of his time quietly studying old scrolls, but when you draw him into conversation, he will go on for hours sharing the most fascinating stories that will leave you awed! He will share his secrets and wisdom with you, changing your life forever!

This Phoenix is bound to a 3/4" Tigereye Gemstone Sphere. I will release his name to his next keeper only. I will include a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his Powers Strong, and his Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper. 

 Phoenixes are a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn, becoming More Powerful with each lifetime. They are gentle with their Mortal Companions, but fierce with anyone who wishes to cause you harm. Phoenix keepers should instruct their new Spirit that they should not cause harm to anyone. They are Loyal and True, and completely devoted to ensuring Your Success and Prosperity! Their Extraordinary Energy will remind your Spirit of its True Purpose and help you Fulfill Your Destiny!

 Do you ever wonder why some people to have it so easy while you continue to struggle? Many of the most successful and famous people today have the help of White Lighted Spirits to reach the highest of heights! Why Not You? Take Complete Control! This Extraordinary Phoenix's Powers are focused and very strong! If you feel faint or overcome by new sensations when you welcome him, you may have to let your body's energy adjust to it gradually. Do not despair! Once you are used to this Powerful Magick, nothing can stop you from Manifesting all you Deserve and Desire in this life! Live the life you always knew you were meant for! 

Buy Now and Rise from The Ashes, Reborn Better Than Ever!

You'll love my Phoenix Rising Spiritual Oil and Rise from The Ashes New Beginnings Spell!  

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