Perfect Conduit for Universal Energy! Pendant Connects You to The Divine!

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Perfect Conduit for Universal Energy!

These Beautiful Blue Lapis Pendants are each a Perfect Conduit for Universal Power! They tap into an endless pool of Infinite Energy that intertwines with your own, putting the Ultimate Power under your command! They have been spelled by my Circle under twelve consecutive Full Moons and hold extraordinary White Magick Energy!  If you are a novice or apprentice you may feel overwhelmed by the Pendant’s energy at first. If you feel dizzy or faint do not fear, these feelings will dissipate as your energies combine! This is an excellent tool for the solo practitioner, as well as for use in group work!

This offer is for one 1 1/8" Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Crystal Point with a Sterling Silver Bail. Included is a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch, and a Binding Ritual on parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows.

You are here for a Reason. It is not to struggle and suffer. Not to worry or regret. Your True Spirit knows your Personal Destiny! Possess a Perfect Conduit Pendant and Release Yourself from fear, bad luck, energy blocks, psychic blocks and everything that zaps your energy levels. Step Into The Light! You’ve had the Power all Along. Use this Magick Pendant to Rise Like a Phoenix and Live the Life You are Meant For! 

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