Othala, Odin's Rune! Spiritual Inheritance! Pendant of Prosperity! Viking

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Othala Rune Pendant

Othala is Odin's Rune and one of the most Powerful! It represents Spiritual Heritage and Property Inheritance. Othala signifies Increased Abundance and Prosperity in your life. It aids in Spiritual and Physical Journeys. It reveals what is truly important and Protects House and Home. 
A Powerful Rune Indeed with the Power to Change Your Life Quickly and Forever! Make it yours and Step Into the Light! 

 This Solid Sterling Silver Rune Talisman is and 3/4" in diameter. The chain is shown for example only. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch as well as a Binding Ritual on parchment paper suitable for your Book of Shadow.

 Do you ever wonder why some people to have it so easy while you continue to struggle? Many of the most successful and famous people today have the help of White Magick to reach the highest of heights! Why Not You? Take Complete Control! This Extraordinary Pendant's Powers are focused and very strong! If you feel faint or overcome by new sensations when it first arrives, you may have to let your body's energy adjust to it gradually. Do not despair! Once you are used to this Powerful Magick, nothing can stop you from Manifesting all you Deserve and Desire in this life! Live the life you always knew you were meant for!

   Make the Magick Yours Today! Buy Now! 


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