Magick Wishing Sprite Jewel! Money! Love! Protection! Adventure!

I am pleased to introduce Jewel, a Forest Sprite who surrounds her Mortal Companion with Life’s Brightest Blessings and Endless Good Luck! She is a Powerful Wishing Sprite who can grant you Wealth, Love, Prosperity, Success, Protection... whatever you desire! She is truly a Being of Light and will fill your home with Peace, Abundance, Creativity and Joy! This Enlightened Spirit is a favorite among the Creatures of Light for her Infectious Joy, Zest for Life, and her Kind and Gentle Heart. She is beloved by all who know her! Keep her Spirit Sphere near your bedside and it is a Magical Portal to Enchanted Travels and Mystical Journeys! Welcome her into your home and you will receive frequent visits from Fairies, Sprites, Unicorn Spirits and all the other Magical Creatures whom she has befriended over the years! In thanks for your hospitality, this Generous Sprite will use her Powerful Magick to grant your wishes!

Jewel is bound to a 3/4" Green Jade Gemstone Spirit Sphere. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch and her Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper. You will feel the Sprite’s Delightful Energy as soon as you unwrap her beautiful Vessel!

This is a very social Spirit, and you should be prepared for visits from other Sprites and Fairies who come to visit her! She is a Delightful Companion and Very Active! She is truly a Being of Light and will fill your home with Serenity, Fun, Peace, Creativity and Joy! The Sprite’s Energy, Laughter, Good Will and Joy will fill your home and protect you and yours from bad luck and dark energies of all kinds! Make Her Yours Today! 

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