Magick Silver White Wolf Claw w Cross of Protection, Prosperity & Wealth!

Silver White Wolf Cross of Protection Pendant
This Extraordinary Amulet draws and stores the Purest White Magick! It is an Extremely Powerful Magick Talisman that draws Good Luck and Blessings of all kinds to its possessor! It offers Protection against dark magick, bad luck, illness, evil entities, malicious gossip, curses and hexes! Its Strong, Ancient White Magick surrounds you completely and fills your home, surrounding all who live there with Good Luck, Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Peace and Success!
 This Solid Sterling Silver White Wolf Claw is hand cast in Ancient Magickal Traditions. The claw is adorned with The Cross of Protection and measures approximately 1" x 1/2". It is a Unique and Exceptional Amulet of Excellent Quality! You will feel its Tremendous Magick White Energy the moment you hold it in your hand! Hang it in your home and it will bless all you welcome there!
 This Amazing Amulet draws Wealth of all kinds and its Magick pulls both Material and Spiritual Gifts to you! Good Luck and Prosperity will follow you wherever you go! Become financially secure enough to live the life you were meant to! The Amulet is also fully charged with a Strong Healing Energy that speeds and promotes the Healing of Mind, Body and Soul! It is an excellent tool for the solo practitioner as its Strong Magick Heightens and Sharpens your Natural Gifts and Multiplies the Power of your own Spells and Rituals! This Amulet provides all you need to live the life you dream of!
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