Magick Money Spell & Wealth Charging Box Enchants Good Luck Talismans!

Magick Money Spell Box!

This Beautiful Box holds an Infinite reserve of Powerful Wealth Magick! Any item placed inside for seven days and seven nights emerges Fully Charged with this Rare and Powerful Magnetic Money Magick and will draw Wealth and Prosperity to you! Create Good Luck Money Charms for you and your loved ones! Charge keys, coins, stones, jewelry, shells..... the list is endless! This Magick Box will multiply and magnify the Wealth Power of your Magickals or Spirit Bound Jewelry. The Sacred, Ancient Money Magick that radiates from this Exquisite Box fills your home, drawing the Universe's Wealth and Abundance to all who live there!

 This Magnificent Brass Box is 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" and features an Aventurine Gemstone which acts as a Portal for this Powerful Magick. The box is very old but is in excellent condition with no dings or dents. You will love to display it in your home!

I have performed hundreds of Wealth and Money Spells with this box in the many years it has been in my collection! I have used to create Magick Money Magnets for loved ones in need and they have never failed! I have gifted every day items that have reversed debt and brought Good Money Luck all who own them!  Why Struggle? Many of The World’s Most Successful, Famous and Respected People have used Golden Wealth Magick to get them where they are today! Why not YOU?


Say goodbye to money stress and worry forever! Make it Yours before it's gone Forever! Change Your Life Today! 


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