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These Enchanted Earrings are Fully Charged with Ancient White Magick and are Extraordinarily Powerful Talismans! Do you wonder why no matter how hard you try to succeed you find roadblocks in your path? All Karma from your previous incarnations is held in your Karma Matrix. These Magick Earrings will Remove your Karma Matrix, wiping the slate clean! They provide Protection from karmic dangers and releases you from fear. They hold Strong, Ancient Magick that will bring you Protection, Power, Peace, Love, and Success! They resolve the inner tensions that bring about repeating patterns of difficulty, and nourish the heart chakra. They promote inner Peace and Hope! Their Amazing Energy influences Celestial Forces and puts you in Perfect Harmony with the Universe! Prosperity will find you wherever you go! These Magick Earrings connect to the Shared Consciousness of other White-Lighted Souls and Magical Beings of all Kinds!

  This Amazingly Powerful Earrings are Sterling Silver, and each is set with 10 mm and a 5 x 7 mm Luminous Labradorite  Gemstones. They are Fully Charged with the Purest, White Magick Energy that Wipes the Karmic Slate Clean! This Rare Ancient Magick will never fade or fail you!

The Magick in these Earrings strengthens your heart and soothes emotions. They emanate the energies of Love, Joy and Inner Harmony that help you overcome sorrow or traumatic memories. With these Powerful Tools you will experience complete Serenity! They clear mental blocks, and heal wounds of the Heart and Spirit! Your mind will be clear, and your focus strong! Spell work, rituals and meditations will become easier and much more effective! You will be able to manifest all you Deserve and Desire! They cleanse your Karma, and wash away any negative energy you may be storing! They clear all obstacles in your path to Enlightenment and Your True Destiny!   

I also recommend Instant Karma Spiritual Oil and my Cleansing Spell Kit for getting rid of negative Karma. 


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