Jupiter Planetary Silver Pendant! Alchemy Tin Astrology

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Jupiter Planetary & Tin Symbol Pendant
A Gorgeous hand cast Solid Sterling Silver Pendant, adorned with the Planetary Symbol for the Jupiter, which is also the Alchemical Symbol for Tin. It measures 1 1/4" x 3/4," and is a heavy possession of the Highest Quality!

The glyph or pictograph of Jupiter is a cross, surmounted with a crescent or semicircle, symbolizing the preeminence of receptivity over the cross of matter and time. As governor of the sixth sphere and the sixth ring, Jupiter rules the sixth chakra, the “third eye” of the human body, a point symbolizing wisdom, astral travel, divine thought, spiritual vision, and intuition (all Jupiter keywords). Tin as an elemental alchemy symbol is representative of the planet Jupiter. Being ruled by Jupiter, puts tin in connection with breath, and can be philosophically viewed as the breath of life. Make this Treasure Yours Today!

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