High Dragon Queen Adeline of Protection Wealth & Love! Spirit Ring & Lair

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Here is a True and Rare Treasure! It is the Sacred Vessel of The High Dragon Queen Adeline! Gentle and strong, Queen Adeline emits a Guardian Angel's protective energy, guiding good luck and prosperity to you. She is a fierce defender of the underdog and a friend to familiars and white lighted spirits of all kinds! Famous for her Magickal Gifts the Queen has been sought by Dragon Seekers for hundreds of years. She is cloaked by a Master Protection Spell to hide from those with darkness in their hearts. She has been kept by my Circle since the days of King Arthur and has absorbed the Energies and Knowledge of each Light Worker to has worked with her before you. The Queen carries our Secrets and Opens Doors to New Realities and Understandings. I was gifted with the Queen's Lair and Ring when I left my mentor Damen's home to make my own way in the world. She has kept me company on long, lonely treks, and led me to Treasures and Extraordinary Riches! She has protected me from beasts of all kinds and soothed my spiritual wounds. Queen Adeline will devote herself completely to your happiness, helping you to Manifest Your Best Life and Live Your Destiny!

The High Queen's Sacred Spirit Stone is a brilliant 7 x 9 mm Opal Gemstone set in a Sterling Silver size 6 Ring. The Opal is stunning with flashes of bright colors - photos cannot do it justice! The Ring rests on an Awesome Amethyst Crystal Cluster, hewn from her Ancient Lair. The Amethyst is 4 1/2" x 3". These treasures Radiate White Magick that clears all negativity from your home and life. I am including her Binding Ritual, printed on fine parchment paper, perfect for your Book of Shadows.

Dragons are Noble Spirits who will protect you and yours from dangers of all kinds! They are Devoted Companions who guide you to Material Wealth and Riches of all kinds! Be surrounded by all you desire! Never want again! Dragons will keep your home clear of dark energies and entities! They will Protect you and yours from ill will, bad luck, and people will dark hearts. Are you ready to Change your Life? Are you Seeking More? Are you Seeking Financial Security so you can focus on your Higher Path? Dragons Extraordinary Wealth Powers are Unmatched and Undeniable! They will provide all you need!

Make Your Spirits Happy! Queen Malia appreciates offerings of Dragon's Blood Oil and Citrine Gemstone Spirit Offerings. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit. 



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