High Altar Box Super Charges Spirits & Makes Magickals More Powerful!

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Here is a Truly Life Changing Treasure! A Charging Box that holds Pure White Magick and Divine White Energy from The Dawn of Time! The Magick held with is strong enough to Completely Cleanse anything placed inside for just 24 hours. Place your Magickals inside for 72 hours and they emerge More Powerful than Ever! The White Energy is like a Spa for Your Spirits, Refreshing and Rejuvenating their Energies, they Love it! Leave the lid open for a few hours and your whole home is Cleansed of all negativity and bad energy. It’s like a Breath of Spring Air!
This Powerful Vintage Wooden Box is beautifully carved and measures 8” x 2” x 2”.  It is set with a Carnelian Gemstone Energy Portal! It has been on my High Altar for many, many years. It was enchanted many decades ago by High Priest, and its powers are Astounding!  It is Fully Charged with Ancient White Magick Energy that will never fade or fail you!

I have used this Magick Box to charge ordinary stones, keys and jewelry into White Magick Good Luck Charms for Loved Ones in need. This remarkably Rare and Powerful Box is one of the few left that holds this Divine Energy. Many seek it, but its True Powers will be cloaked to all but you.  Be the next to Possess this Powerful Tool and draw Divine Light and Pure White Maick to You and Your Loved Ones! Experience True Peace and Tranquility when your Spirit connects to The Divine.  Your Soul will remember its True Purpose and you will Live Your Destiny! 

Make sure to see my Cleansing & Purification Incense, and White Energy Singing Crystals! 


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