Guardian Angel Ilmu Khodam Spirit of Knowledge, Power & Protection

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This spirit has a powerful presence. He’s a Guardian Angel Ilmu Khodam. The word ilmu literally means "knowledge" in Indonesian, Arabic & Malaysian. In Indonesian shamanism, ilmu particularly refers to a specific occult art. This is an Angelic Servant Spirit that will protect you from harm. Not all Khodam have the same abilities or degree of power. This is a highly intelligent charismatic spirit that has a calm nature. His words are filled with wisdom. As the guardians and helpers of humanity, Khodam have sworn to serve only for good purposes. This is a specialized spirit that will grant you Knowledge and Power.

This Ilmu Khodam is bound to a 6 x 8 mm Sodalite Gemstone set in a sterling silver size 6 ring. It will arrive with a welcoming ritual on parchment paper. I'll reveal the name of this Khodam to his new master. A velvet charging pouch will be included.

Some of the abilities and powers that one can exercise with the assistance of an Ilmu Khodam Spirit are:

  • The ability to detect an area where there is hidden treasure or sacred objects buried.
  • The power to acquire information from someone without meeting them face to face; this is done by invoking the person magickally and attuning with his or her mind.
  • The ability to conjure various kinds of spirits and to communicate with them.
  • The power to automatically exercise self-defensive techniques.
  • The ability to move spirits or power associated with a sacred object to another sacred object.
  • The ability to hit an aggressor without physical contact. Khodam can exert a mighty force that will topple anyone.
  • The power of clairvoyance.
  • The ability to assist in the healing process of those suffering from physical ailments.
  • The power of telepathy.



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