Green Fairy King Alwyn! Bright Blessings, Good Luck in Love & Money!

The Green Fairy King Alwyn!
I am honored to present His Royal Highness, The Green Fairy King Alwyn! He is an Enlightened Elder with the ability to Shift Energies and Alignments to Manifest Your Best Life! He is a Delightful Companion, a true Raconteur with hundreds of stories to tell of his Days of Adventure and Derring Do! He is Famous for his Wisdom, and often entertains Royal Unicorns, Dragons, Dryads and Satyrs who come to ask his advise and counsel. They pay homage to King Alwyn by gifting his Mortal Companion with Blessed Life Opportunities and Unexpected Windfalls! He has remarkable Wish Granting Powers and has gifted his previous Companions with Fame, Family and Riches Beyond Compare! He quickly clears all negativity and bad luck from your home, replacing them with Peace, Joy and Love! Don't miss this Rare and Unique Opportunity to be the Companion of a Green Fairy King! Welcome him to your Home and Life and be Blessed Forever!
King Alwyn's Sacred Spirit Vessel is a Gorgeous Green 7/8"Jade Gemstone Orb held in a 1 1/2" x 1" Sterling Silver Locket. The chain is shown for example only. You may feel light headed or dizzy for a few moments after opening the package. It is nothing to fear, just the intense amount of Fairy Magick that has built up over his trip to you. I will include a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his powers strong and his Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Fairies are Delightful Spirits that draw Good Luck and Bright Blessings. King Alwyn offers Powerful Protection against bad luck, ill will, debt, curses and lies! He is a very social creature, and I often hear him entertaining other spirits and laughing late into the night. He rids your life of negative energies clearing your True Path so you may travel it with joy, experiencing all the Abundant Blessings this life has to offer you! He radiates White Light and White Magick and you will be surprised how often you find yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time. Your friends won't believe how Lucky you've suddenly become!


Make Your Spirits Happy! King Alwyn appreciates offerings of Aventurine Gemstones and Fairy Calling Oil and will Reward You Well for them!






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