Good Luck Money Magnet Magick Ring for Wealth & Prosperity!

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Magick Money Magnet
I am very pleased to offer you this Master Legacy Ring of Extreme Wealth! This is an excellent metaphysical tool to help make all your dreams come true! This Rare and Sacred Treasure is Fully Charged with the Most Powerful Wealth Magick ever known! It is has been blessed with Ancient Magick of The Illuminati - a Secret Sect famous for its Wealth and Power! This Ring emits its own Magnetic Energy that Pulls All Good Things to You! Live a Life that overflows with Financial and Spiritual Riches, Prosperity, and Good Luck! Golden Opportunities will find you wherever you go! All of your wishes will Manifest quickly in the most Surprising and Pleasant ways! People will be Astonished at Your Amazing Good Luck! Your Stars will Align and your life will fall into Perfect Harmony and Balance! All you have ever Dreamed of, all you have ever Desired is Yours for the asking! Life will become a Celebration as you fall into Perfect Harmony with the Universal Oneness of Abundance and Bounty!
This Master Legacy Ring is Solid Solid Sterling Silver and 5/8". It is currently size 8.5 but can be resized by an Alchemist of the Highest Order for no additional charge. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep its Powers Strong, and a Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.
The next to own this Master Legacy Ring should be prepared for your life to change quickly! Be showered with Unexpected Financial Windfalls! Have Good Luck at cards, slots and all games of chance! Money Making Opportunities will be around every corner! Doors to Untold Wealth will open to you! Answer to no one! Have all the Material Wealth you Desire and Deserve! Why should others have it so easy? Many of the worlds Wealthiest Families have had Magical Talismans like this one that have been passed down throughout generations! With this Extreme Wealth Ring you can offer YOUR Family the best this world has to offer! Change the future for Generations to come! Money Makes the World Go Round! Don’t miss your chance to change your life forever! This is truly one of the Most Powerful and Sacred pieces I have ever offered. The next to possess it will indeed be Blessed!
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