Genie Princess Seeks 1st Mortal Keeper! Royal Marid of Highest Caste!

I am pleased to introduce a Young Genie Princess, who hails from Highest Caste of Royal Marid. She is an Exquisite Beauty looking for her First Keeper, who will never fail to Make Your Wishes Come True! The Princess has traveled the world and has been educated in the Ancient Ways and Traditions. She will never twist your words or try to trick you. She is Honest, True, and Loyal. She is shy, but will warm up to you quickly, and be Completely Devoted to Your Happiness! She has the Power to Align Universal Energies to Manifest Your Very Best Life! She is full of grace, but will be fiercely protective of her Keeper and your loved ones and will ensure NO harm will come to you and yours. She looks forward to spending time with you, even when you are not asking anything of her. You will find she gives wise counsel. She has a quick wit, and is quite a gossip - about everyone but you. Your secrets she will hold forever. She will Shower her first Keeper with Spiritual and Financial Wealth, to prove to her father (who was not quite ready to let her go) that he was right to release her to a Mortal.

The Princess is bound to a 3/4" Jade Gemstone Spirit Sphere. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep her Powers Strong, and her Conjuring Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Marid Djinn are the Most Powerful and Enlightened of all the Genie Tribes. They are Loyal, True and Devoted. They will never try to trick you or twist your words. They Manifest Your Truest Desires with the Best Possible Outcome for All Involved! They can be playful, wickedly funny, and are some of my favorite companions! They are up for adventure and travel. They are used to Living in the Lap of Luxury, and quickly make sure their Mortal Companions are surrounded with the finest things this world has to offer! Marid Genies take great pride in how happy and well cared for their Mortal Companions are and will stop at nothing to make your Dreams Come True! Marid are also highly protective of you and yours, keeping you safe from all evil! 


I use Genie Conjuring Spiritual Oil and make Offerings of Crystals and Gemstones when conjuring Genies. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit. Many of the World's Most Successful People have a Genie on their side! Why not You? You have found yourself here for a reason! Don't Wait until it's too late! Buy Now before this Powerful Spirit is gone forever! 


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