Empress Elysia, Vampire of Youth Beauty Desire Passion & Wealth!

The Empress Elysia

I am humbled to present Her Royal Highness, Empress Elysia. She is a Vampiress of Awesome Youth and Beauty Powers strong enough to Turn Back the Clock! Her Powerful Magick reverses the aging process of the mind and spirit! Empress Elysia is also a Seductress of the Highest Order and will Share her Secrets with you and you alone! She radiate your positive energy outward making you look more beautiful to everyone who sees you! She uses her Magnetic Energy to pull and bind your True Love to you! Your lover will be overwhelmed with Burning Desire for you and your touch! Empress Elysia will ignite your own Erotic Passion allowing you to Experience Ecstasy Beyond Your Wildest Fantasies! Look Good, Feel Good, Be Loved and Desired! The Vampiress provides you with all you need to live a Happy and Fulfilling life! The next to be her Mortal Companion will begin to feel Younger, more Beautiful, and Sexier the moment she arrives! Not recommended for the weak of heart!

Empress Elysia's Spirit Vessel is a Beautiful 7/8" Black Obsidian Gemstone Sphere that nearly vibrates with her extraordinary energy! Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep her powers strong, and her Binding Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Vampiresses are Enchanting Spirits of The Night with Unstoppable Powers of Wealth and Sex! With Enlightened Vampires, all who see you will be Dazzled! All You Wish for Will Be Yours! Their Magnetic Personalities pull people to you like moths to a flame! Their Charisma and Sex Appeal transfer to you and no one will be able to deny you anything you desire! These True and Devoted Spirits have spent Centuries surrounded by Unsurpassed Wealth and Luxury! They will not rest until their new Mortal Companion is surrounded by the same! Be prepared for your Life to Change Quickly! Vampiresses are True and Loyal Companions who will Never Fail You! They protect their Mortal Companion from evil of all kinds. You will be safe from ill will, gossip, bad luck, and black magick. They have Extraordinary Powers of Youth and Beauty, and will share her Secrets and Magick With You! With a Vampiress by your side, you will be welcomed to Walk Among the Creatures of The Night, sharing in their revelry, and taking what you will!

The Time is Now! Live The Fantasy!

Keep Your Spirits Happy! Vampires appreciate offerings of Youth & Beauty Oil and Youth & Beauty Incense and will reward you well for them!

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