Eloise Enlightened Unicorn of Life's Brightest Blessings & White Magick!

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Eloise, Enlightened Unicorn of Life's Brightest Blessings
This Magnificent Talisman is home to an Enlightened, and Enchanting Unicorn Spirit. Eloise will begin to wash away all negativity, dark energy and bad luck from your life as soon as she arrives in your home. Her first order of business is to relieve you of stress and worry so you can focus on your Personal Destiny! She reverses debt, settles troubled children, heals relationships, and brings Peace and Prosperity wherever she goes! Eloise Cleans Your Aura and Wipes the Karmic Slate Clean! She Brings Good Luck, Love, and Success to her Mortal Companion! She helps you to resolve the inner tensions that bring about repeating patterns of difficulty. This delightful Unicorn uses her Strong White Magick to Connect You to the Collective Consciousness of other Enlightened Souls and Magical Beings of All Kinds!

This is a beautiful Solid Sterling Silver Talisman measuring 1 1/4". It does not have a bail, but can be worn on a chain or carried with you in her Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch. Also included is her Welcoming Ritual on parchment paper suitable for your Book of Shadows.

Eloise's wonderful energy will strengthen your heart and soothe emotions. She helps you to overcome sorrow or traumatic memories, and experience Love, Joy and Inner Harmony! She clears psychic and mental blocks, and heals wounds of the heart and soul! Your mind will be clear, and your focus strong! Meditation and Focus will become easier and much more effective so that you manifest all you Deserve and Desire! She cleanses your Karma, and your Aura, washing away any negative energy you may be storing! She will not rest until she has cleared all obstacles in your path to Enlightenment and Your True Destiny! Make her Yours Today and Move Forward Tomorrow!


Add a Blessed Chain! 



Keep your Spirits Happy! Eloise appreciates gifts of Hematite and Citrine Gemstone Spirit Offerings. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit. 


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