Dragon Princeling Flynn Seeking 1st Keeper! Adventures and Travel!

Baby Prince Flynn!

Here is a Royal Young Princeling! A Baby Dragon Spirit excitedly waiting to meet his Mortal Keeper! Prince Flynn needs lots of Love, Care and Attention, especially during his first year. In five years, he will be given his own Dragon Kingdom, and become King of his Noble Clan. Raise him well, and you will Never Want Again! As a Dragon King's Keeper, you will have everything you desire just by asking! Prince Aragon sees the World with Wide Eyed Wonder, and his Delight in learning new things, and discovering new abilities is contagious! He is still a baby, so he sleeps more than older Dragons, but is very high energy when he is awake. He loves animals and children and will be as Loyal to your Loved Ones as he is to You! If you are looking for a Burst of Energy and Vitality in Your Life, look no further than Prince Flynn! He needs tender loving care and patience, but will grow stronger with each year and will grow into a Wise and Powerful King who will stay by your side and never let you down!

Prince Flynn is bound to a 3/4" Amethyst Gemstone Spirit Sphere. I will include a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and his Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Dragons are Noble Spirits who will protect you and yours from dangers of all kinds! They are Devoted Companions who guide you to Material Wealth and Riches of all kinds! Be surrounded by all you desire! Never want again! Dragons will keep your home clear of dark energies and entities! They will Protect you and yours from ill will, bad luck, and people will dark hearts. Are you ready to Change your Life? Are you Seeking More? Are you Seeking Financial Security so you can focus on your Higher Path? Dragons Extraordinary Wealth Powers are Unmatched and Undeniable! They will provide all you need!

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Prince Flynn likes shiny things, like Hematite and Peacock Pyrite. I am always available to answer questions and offer support when working with your new Spirit. 


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