Astra, Unicorn of Peace Abundance & Joy! Spirit of Love & Psychic Healing!

I have been blessed to have this Delightful and Powerful Unicorn Spirit as a Noble and Loyal Friend for many years. Asta radiates Innocence, Balance, Stability, Peace, Prosperity and Love. She is a Pure Spirit, who only wants to keep you safe and happy. She heals hurts - old and new. Her Loving, Peaceful energy, soothes speeding minds, so that you see things in a New Light! Astra provides Paradigm Shifts that remind your Spirit of its True Purpose, and allows everything else to fall away. Negative relationships, self-harming habits, and depression are replaced with Loving People, Self-Love and Self-Care, and a general sense of Well Being! Astra sweeps away despair and brings Hope, Good Luck, and Bright Blessings! You'll wonder how you ever got along without her! Get ready for your life to change quickly!

Astra is bound to a 1 1/8" Amethyst Gemstone Sphere. I will include her Welcoming Ritual and Velvet Charging Pouch. 

Unicorns are Serene, Gentle and Noble Creatures with amazing Psychic Healing Abilities for Body, Mind and Spirit! They draw and radiate Pure White Magick and Good Luck wherever they go. They are a favorite of Fairies, Pets and Children. While they may be shy at first, they are Deeply Devoted to their Mortal Companions and will Bless You with Abundance, Prosperity and Joy! They act as your Guardian Angel, whispering secrets and guiding you down Your Best Path. They impart Courage, Self-Knowledge, Self-Love, and Motivation. They heal psychic and emotional wounds and encourage Fun and Creative Inspiration! 

Keep Your Spirits Happy! Astra appreciates shiny offerings, like Peacock Pyrite Gemstones and Peaceful Home Spiritual Oil.


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