Asta, Norse Valkyrie Viking Goddess of Protection Respect & Riches!


The Valkyrie Asta

I am honored to present to you Rare and Magickal Norse Goddess, The Valkyrie Asta. A Spirit of Exquisite Beauty and Tremendous Powers, there is no reality she cannot Manifest! She fills your path with Good Luck, Opportunities and Blessings of all kinds! Her only desire is to grant you Peace, Prosperity and Protection! Call upon the Magick and Powers of this Mighty Valkyrie Spirit to Watch Over, Guide and Protect You and Yours! Asta will banish worry and stress and replace them with Confidence and Golden Opportunities! You will feel the Valkyrie's Energies Course Through You, Connecting You to All the Brave Warriors who Came Before! Stand Tall and Conquer every challenge and obstacle standing in your way! Command the Respect You Deserve! Take Control of Your Life! The Time is Now! Be Blessed with Ancient Magick and gain the Strength and Courage you need to Conquer Your Realm and Rule Your Domain! With the Valkyrie Asta by your side, you will experience a True Awakening! You will be amazed by your own Hidden Talents and Untapped Powers that begin to come forward almost immediately! See Visions of the Future that prove true again and again! Read the Truth in Hearts and Minds! Communicate Telepathically with Mortals and Spirits alike! You will see your life fall into a Harmonious Balance with the Universe!

Asta's Spirit Sphere is a 3/4" Beautiful Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone. I will include a Blessed Velvet Charging Pouch and her Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper. 

The Valkyrie Asta will make an Excellent Companion whether you are just beginning your Metaphysical Journey or have already stepped into the Light! She Manifests in ethereal and physical forms that are easily recognizable to her Mortal Companion! There is no need to summon or conjure her for she is always by your side, acting as your Guardian Angel and Guiding Spirit! Her only desire is to see you fulfill your True Destiny! I will release her Welcoming Ritual to her new Mortal Companion only!


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