Ancient Watcher Spirit Protects & Guides You to Blessings!

Ancient Watcher Spirit

Here is a Powerful Watcher Spirit that Protects you while Guiding you to Your Blessings! Live the Life you Deserve with this Amazing Ancient Watcher Spirit! He keeps you safe from all Dark Magick! If you are currently suffering under it, it will be Broken! Curses and hexes are broken! Those who wish you evil will suffer the effects themselves, and will Never Bother You Again! He Guides you to your Personal Destiny, surrounding you with all the Blessings You Deserve!

The Watcher is bound to a 3/4" Carnelian Gemstone Spirit Sphere. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his Powers Strong, and his Welcoming Ritual on parchment paper, suitable for your Book of Shadows. Place his sphere in your home, and all who enter will be Guarded Well! You will feel the Spirit's Power surge through you the moment you unwrap his Sacred Spirit Sphere and hold it in your hands!

This Ancient Watcher Spirit will reward your good deeds three times over! His Powers are strong enough to clean up negative Karma that may have followed you from past lifetimes! Nothing and No One, be they Spirit or Mortal can ever harm you again! Get a Fresh Start! His Powerful Energy helps keep you on the moral high ground to keep your Karma clean! He strengthens your self-discipline and motivates you to help others! He has warned me of danger on many occasions and has never let me down, as my friends, and my enemies, well know! Buy Now and Break Free of Darkness Forever!

Hurry! Buy Now before he's gone forever!

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