Ajax, Dream Manifestation Pegasus Spirit! Creativity! Wealth! Power!

This Dream Manifestation Pegasus has been with me for more than two decades. Welcome him into your life and he will help you to work through mental blocks and heal psychic wounds! Ask questions of the Universe and have them answered! Everything is possible in your dreams and this Magickal Pegasus allows you to experience all the fifth realm has to offer! Ajax Clears All Blocks and Connects You to Your Higher Self - the Self that knows Your Personal Destiny! Together you will make All Your Dreams Come True!

Ajax is bound to a 3/4" Amethyst Gemstone Spirit Sphere. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his Powers Strong, and a Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper.

Ajax also increases your Strength and Stamina, and enhances your Psychic Powers! He draws Wealth, Power and Strength to his Mortal Companion! His White Magick purifies the energy in your home, banishing negative energies, and drawing Good Luck, Good Fortune and Good Will! His Powers are unparalleled! Your natural psychic ability will soar! You will experience endless reserves of energy, your instincts sharpen, and your mind comes into focus like never before! Procrastination becomes a thing of the past as this Powerful Spirit begins to Motivate and Inspire you! Achieve Your Goals! Live The Dream! Fulfill Your Destiny! The Power is Yours! Prepare for Your Blessings!

Don’t Wait! Claim Him Today!

You'll love my Psychic Master Oil and Psychic Powers Spell Kit!

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