Aidan, Charming Young Dryad of Laughter, Wine, Music & Bounty!

 The Charming Young Dryad, Aidan

Behold the young Aidan, a Young Dryad and Disciple of Dionysus! He is a Night Reveler and Enjoys Life to The Fullest! He is a social creature, always surrounded by other Dryads, Nymphs and young Fairy Royalty, who enjoys male company as much as female. Aidan is Extraordinarily Charming and a Quick Wit! He has remarkable Wish Granting Powers and has gifted his previous Mortals with Fame, Respect and Riches Beyond Compare! He quickly clears all negativity and bad luck from your home, replacing them with Peace, Laughter and Love! Don't miss this Rare and Unique Opportunity to be the Companion of a Young Male Dryad!

Aidan's Sacred Spirit Sphere is a 3/4" Ghost Agate Gemstone. Included is a Velvet Charging Pouch to keep his Powers Strong, and his Welcoming Ritual printed on fine parchment paper. Welcome him today and change your life tomorrow!

Dryads are Tree Spirits that draw Good Luck and Bright Blessings. They offer Powerful Protection against bad luck, ill will, debt, curses and lies! They are social creatures, and I often hear them talking and laughing until the wee hours! They are Powerful Psychics who will share their insights with you. They are favorites of Children and Pets. Your Garden and House Plants will Thrive with a Dryad in your home. They radiate White Light and White Magick and you will be surprised how often you find yourself in the Right Place at the Right Time. Your friends won't believe how Lucky you've suddenly become!




Make Your Spirits Happy! Aidan appreciates offerings of Moonstones and Fairy Calling Oil 

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